“Foraging for Food”

  This past weekend, I hiked into the higher elevations with Susan, my “gleaning partner”;  and found gorgeous elderberries just at their peak.  We picked several bags of those and will be making elderberry tincture, cough syrup and maybe even some elderberry brandy to keep us all healthy through the winter months. I put the bags … More “Foraging for Food”

“When Life Gives You Cucumbers … Make Pickles”

It is a bounty year for cucumbers so I thought I would try my first batch of fermented pickles.  I have made vinegar cukes before but am experimenting with fermenting since it is much healthier for our digestive tracts!  I made cucumber chips because my cucumbers got big before I harvested them, but you could … More “When Life Gives You Cucumbers … Make Pickles”