“Foraging for Food”


Wild elderberries ready to pick!
Wild elderberries ready to pick!

This past weekend, I hiked into the higher elevations with Susan, my “gleaning partner”;  and found gorgeous elderberries just at their peak.  We picked several bags of those and will be making elderberry tincture, cough syrup and maybe even some elderberry brandy to keep us all healthy through the winter months. I put the bags with the elderberry bunches straight into the freezer, makes it easier to clean the berries off the stems later.  Also on our list of “wild” foods to gather in the next month or two are: quince, chestnuts (we have a  “secret” place where we found some old chestnut trees still producing), apples from abandoned orchards (make great applesauce) and old pear trees.  Recipes for elderberry tincture and syrup coming soon! (In case you are wondering, if the trees are on private property we ask permission first) 🙂


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