About Us

Erin (California) and Audrianna (North Carolina)
Erin (California) and Audrianna (North Carolina)

With one of us on each side of the country, my daughter and I decided to start a blog to stay connected and to share our common passions with one another, our family,  friends and anyone else interested in being a part of our community.  We both love cooking, gardening, bees, fitness and health, animals (especially cats), and just hanging out together and sharing ideas.

We also have a very connected family, the Pollen family, and hope to feature them now and then.   Right now,  three of the younger generation of Pollens have migrated from California to Florida, North Carolina and Washington D.C. and we have a southern California Pollen and two northern California Pollen branches so we have the east and west coasts well represented!

Our blog name came from a phrase we all began to use whenever a group of Pollen’s was gathered in once place.  We started saying “the Pollen count is high in Washington D.C. or at our family cabin or wherever we were at the time”.  It just seemed the perfect name for our blog. With family roots and current family members on both sides of the country this will be our cross country message board and we hope to hear from all of you, too, no matter where you live!


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