Next to blueberries, peaches are my favorite summertime fruit and my 3 little trees are loaded with ripe, juicy peaches right now, so it’s peach everything for a few weeks! Life is rough, right? The last issue of Organic Life magazine had an article on the Masumoto family, California organic peach farmers, who grow … More Summertime PEACH CAPRESE SALAD



I was having some friends over last weekend and wanted to have a “dessert” that was healthy and we could make together. Result : BANANA “SUSHI”.  I found this recipe on the Dr. Oz website so can’t take credit for it but we sure had a great time making these. It really doesn’t have anything … More “BANANA SUSHI”


I wanted to make something savory with all the blueberries I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market, since I am trying not to eat things with added sugar. Visions of blueberry scones, cobblers, pie and other sweet things are dancing in my head but I resisted temptation (for now) and made a grain salad … More MORE BLUEBERRIES!!


Our Farmer’s Market just opened this past weekend so I headed down to get a 5 lb. box of fresh blueberries. They are only locally in season a short time so I like to freeze what I haven’t devoured, though the first box rarely makes it into the freezer. I’ll be back for more next … More BLUEBERRIES !!!