Here’s another easy and healthy summer dessert you can “bake” on your grill instead of your oven. It features whatever fresh fruit you can find at the farmers market or from your own garden. I used fresh organic blueberries and blackberries, plus a nectarine, just because I love all three of those fruits and had … More GRILLED BERRY GALETTE


I wanted to make something savory with all the blueberries I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market, since I am trying not to eat things with added sugar. Visions of blueberry scones, cobblers, pie and other sweet things are dancing in my head but I resisted temptation (for now) and made a grain salad … More MORE BLUEBERRIES!!


Our Farmer’s Market just opened this past weekend so I headed down to get a 5 lb. box of fresh blueberries. They are only locally in season a short time so I like to freeze what I haven’t devoured, though the first box rarely makes it into the freezer. I’ll be back for more next … More BLUEBERRIES !!!