Healthy Vegan “Nachos”

Sometimes the best things just happen spontaneously, right? I was roasting some veggies to save for a later dish, making some guacamole, then starting craving nachos for some crazy reason ( salty & crunchy is my go-to comfort food category). I was inspired to put it all together and the result was a super healthy … More Healthy Vegan “Nachos”



I wanted to make something savory with all the blueberries I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market, since I am trying not to eat things with added sugar. Visions of blueberry scones, cobblers, pie and other sweet things are dancing in my head but I resisted temptation (for now) and made a grain salad … More MORE BLUEBERRIES!!


These last few weeks of school have been so busy I haven’t had time to do much cooking or post any recipes but I have added a super simple and nutritious breakfast to my repertoire. I actually thought I was being so original and clever when I came up with Avocado on Toast until I … More “AVOCADO TOAST”