The last of the peppers I just harvested were Poblanos, also my very favorite! I decided to stuff them with a savory quinoa, black bean, corn and tomato mixture and top with a tomatillo guacamole, since I also picked a big bowlful of tomatillos last week. Yes, picking peppers, tomatoes and tomatillos in November has … More STUFFED POBLANO PEPPERS


“The Wonderful Warren Pear and A Pear Butter Recipe”

If you can get your hands on some Warren pears do so immediately and you will be in for the best tasting pears on the planet! A cross between the Seckel pear and the Comice pear, it has thin, edible skin, smooth, ungritty flesh and a flavor full of honey, vanilla and heaven! Seriously, we … More “The Wonderful Warren Pear and A Pear Butter Recipe”

Veggie Fajitas

Since peppers are coming on strong in the garden right now, I wanted to make something to feature them. Sweet, hot, mild and everywhere-in-between, there are so many peppers to choose from! I decided to make Veggie Fajitas featuring peppers and, of course, the zucchini and tomato abundance that is inevitable every summer. You can … More Veggie Fajitas