Grilled Nectarine Dessert Pizza

Last week I made a Grilled Vegetable “Salad” Pizza and posted the recipe. It was so good I decided to make a grilled fruit version with a sweet cashew cream for the spread. It was fantastic and since I had frozen some of the pizza dough it was a cinch to make. We have a … More Grilled Nectarine Dessert Pizza


“RECIPES” for SELF-CARE: Oil Pulling & Dry Brushing

Just returned from two weeks in North Carolina visiting my daughter and between the jet lag, weather differences and immediate return to work my body rebelled! The day after I got home I woke up to a mouthful of sores and intense pain that made it hard to eat, talk or drink anything! Ewwww! The … More “RECIPES” for SELF-CARE: Oil Pulling & Dry Brushing


Triple digits just hit us this week so there goes any incentive to cook and make the house even hotter! It’s not even officially summer, yet! Since it’s Father’s Day weekend I was thinking of barbecuing for my husband and this chilled soup will be the perfect first course, or possibly main course if it … More WATERMELON GAZPACHO