“Being In the Present Moment”

IMG_2821 (2)Years ago I stopped making specific New Year’s resolutions to avoid the disappointment of not keeping them.  Now I pick one “intention” each January and make it my focus for the year.  I have also switched from “what I want to do” to “how I want to do things”.  So instead of “I’m going to eat more greens and do more yoga” I remind myself “I will make healthier choices.”  Seems to work better for me to address HOW I do things more than WHAT I do.  Last year I focused on Simplifying My Life.  This year I am choosing Be In The Moment or as one of my favorite spiritual authors, Ekhart Tolle, says “Be Here Now”.  Sounds so easy but, wow, I notice I spend too much time thinking about stuff in the past and reliving it or worrying about things that have not happened yet in the future.   It will be fun and challenging to practice being in the moment more often.  My friend, Susan, likes to say “Make this moment matter.”  So as we head into 2016 my intention is to stay present and keep working on the ‘simplifying my life’ thing from last year… haven’t quite mastered that one yet!  One moment at a time, right?

Here’s to a year of peace, joy, simplicity, the present moment and, of course, good food from the garden 🙂

Top photo:  “Root veggies from the garden” ; Bottom photo: “Greens from the garden for a healthy start to the New Year”  



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