SUP Yoga

I tried my first stand up paddle boarding (SUP) yoga class yesterday. It was fantastic! It challenges your balance on another level, I was struggling in Warrior II! Needless to say, I fell in several times, but that was part of the fun. It was much less serious (and quiet) than most yoga classes, the instructor encouraged people to challenge themselves and not be afraid of falling in the water and I’m pretty sure it was his intention to make us all fall in at least once :). I definitely felt the added core workout during poses such as Chaturanga which are challenging on level ground, but work your abs even more on a moving surface. While SUP yoga won’t be replacing my regular practice, it was so much fun and I highly recommend taking a class or simply grabbing some friends, renting SUP boards and trying it out!


One thought on “SUP Yoga

  1. That is so ironic. I just saw a sign up at Pinecrest Lake for paddleboard yoga and sent you a snap about it! I would love to try it and am sure I would fall in many times.


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