West coast vs East coast: BEST BEACHES

Just spent a week visiting Audrianna in North Carolina and I have a confession.  I think I like the beaches in North Carolina better than California beaches!   Did I really just say that?  With no kelp (so NO sand flies or other beach flies), warm water (we’re talking 80 -85 degrees), hot sun, surfing waves and gorgeous golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles, it’s hard not to love them.

      California has a more beautiful coastline, with our rugged cliffs and deep blue waters, but for swimming and walking and hanging out on the beach, North Carolina beaches are fantastic!  OK, maybe it’s a tie.  Here’s a sunny day at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina and a sunset over Half Moon Bay in California.  Don’t want to start a west coast versus east coast best beaches war!  There is something to love about both coasts. Oh, and it’s a draw on sharks, since both states have their share of shark attacks!

  Half Moon Bay State Beach, California                                                                                                                                            Sunset over Half Moon Bay,, California
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina




                                     Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina      



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